Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP)

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Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP)

A Laboratory Ventilation Management Program is critical to the ongoing safety, operation and energy efficiency of a laboratory building. The LVMP is not just a document, it is an ongoing program that requires a committed team, necessary documentation and successful implementation. ECT, Inc. will work with you through every step of the LVMP development process and help you meet the requirements for the ANSI Z.95 LVMP standard. Our resources and expertise in laboratory ventilation give us the tools required to help optimize your building, identify risks and set building operational parameters. After implementation, we can provide the resources to keep your building optimized and help make your LVMP a success.

LVMP Infographic

Assign Responsibilities

  • Open Communication Channels
  • Accountability
  • Ongoing Commitment
  • Set Achievable Goals

Assemble Documentation

  • Update Drawings & Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Flow Specification Spreadsheet
  • Control Sequence
  • Baseline Operating Criteria
  • Operations Manuals

Schedule & Sustain

  • Ongoing Training
  • Management of Change
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • System Operation Tests
  • Lab Environment Tests
  • Annual Fume Hood Tests