Company Profile

About Exposure Control Technologies, Inc.

Exposure Control Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Thomas C. Smith as a combination engineering and industrial hygiene firm. Specializing in laboratory research facilities, ECT focuses on providing:

  • Fume Hood Testing and Commissioning
  • Laboratory Risk Assessments
  • Laboratory Energy Demand Reduction
  • Laboraroty Ventilation Management Program Development
  • Safe and Efficient Products for Laboratories, Such as Our Fume Hood Retrofit Kit
Exposure Control Technologies, Inc.

Laboratory research facilities present unique ventilation challenges. ECT's unique combination of industrial hygiene expertise and specialized laboratory ventilation engineering experience allows us to provide the optimum services to our clients to lower energy use and facility operating costs, without compromising the safety of the building occupants.


Commitment to Excellence

As a leading authority on laboratory ventilation, ECT is proud of its international reputation. Our employees are highly trained professionals dedicated to:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Shared Values
  • Personal Commitment to Our Clients
  • Services Delivered with Integrity and Accountability

Thomas C. Smith
President, CEO

Tom Checksfield
Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Robert Lukens
Vice President of Products and Services